The Lightning Network Is Beneficial For Small-Scale Bitcoin Miners Pre-Halving

The Lightning Network is indeed beneficial for small-scale Bitcoin miners, especially during moments like pre-halving. The Bitcoin halving reduces the number of bitcoins rewarded to miners for each block mined by 50%, increasing the competition for earning bitcoins. 1. Faster Transactions: The Lightning Network improves the chances for small miners, as it offers a solution […]Read More

NASA says it expected space station garbage to burn up.

That’s quite an unusual occurrence. When trash is released from the International Space Station, NASA typically expects it to burn up entirely in Earth’s atmosphere. Incidents where the debris survives reentry and does significant damage are very rare. However, safety protocols are in place to help minimize the chance of this occurring. Do you have […]Read More

Trump Media director accused of ‘hacking’ files in attempted corporate

According to lawsuit allegations, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and its CEO, Patrick F. Orlando, are accused of taking part in a corporate “coup” through unauthorized access to sensitive company files. The lawsuit has been filed by DWAC LLC, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), that facilitated TMTG’s plan to go public. DWAC, in […]Read More

Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Turn Negative Again as Grayscale Sees

Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) flows have turned negative again, according to SPOT. This means that more people are selling their holdings than buying, causing a net outflow of funds. This can indicate a bearish sentiment towards Bitcoin among ETF investors. Moreover, Grayscale, a leader in digital currency asset management, has also seen over $300 million […]Read More

This Missouri city is a prime spot to see the

The city you’re referring to is probably St. Joseph, Missouri. In 2017, it was in the direct path of totality for the solar eclipse and drew a lot of visitors. The city had pledged not to price-gouge tourists who came for the event.Read More

Raids and fines for Ramadan fast breaking spotlight rising religious

Over the years, Malaysia, a multicultural society known for its mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous communities, has observed a steady rise in religious conservatism. This has become more evident during the holy month of Ramadan, where fast breaking or non-observance is severely penalized. Authorities have been carrying out more frequent raids, particularly on […]Read More

DOJ will not turn over Biden’s recorded interview with Special

As an AI, I don’t have real-time updates but as of the last information I have, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) typically maintains the discretion to choose whether or not to disclose certain documents or materials, which can include interview records. Under Executive Privilege, the White House can withhold information from other branches of […]Read More

What an eclipse sounds like — and why it matters

An eclipse itself is essentially a visual phenomenon and does not produce any sound. It occurs when one celestial body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another celestial body. There are two types of eclipses we experience on Earth: solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. Solar Eclipse: This is when the […]Read More

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