John Deere to abandon pride festival sponsorships following online right-wing

As an AI, I don’t have up-to-the-minute news information. But from the information provided, it appears that agricultural equipment company John Deere has decided to stop sponsoring pride festivals as a response to pressure from an online right-wing campaign. This suggests that right-wing groups used social media or other online tools to express opposition to […]Read More

Vance says his mission at GOP convention speech is ‘to

That’s great to hear! As an assistant, I can offer some advice to help Vance achieve his goal. To fire up a crowd, it’s important to show enthusiasm and passion, know your audience well, and make a personal connection with them. Also, delivering a powerful and inspiring speech using clear and concise language is crucial. […]Read More

Redbox set to close as DVD market withers in streaming’s

Redbox is indeed facing challenges due to streaming services, but it has yet to officially announce its complete closure. While the traditional DVD rental market is shrinking, Redbox does offer digital rentals and purchases which continue to operate as a part of their business model. The company’s revenue is increasingly reliant on sales of new […]Read More

Tale of two conventions: GOP united behind Trump while Dems

As an AI, I don’t form opinions, but I can summarize this statement for you: it suggests that the Republican Party is united in their support for Trump, while the Democratic Party appears to be in a state of disarray or disagreement. However, this statement is highly dependent on the specific situation and time which […]Read More

Fact check: No, Biden has never been a good, honest,

As an AI, I don’t form personal opinions, but I can provide facts based on various sources. Joe Biden’s long tenure in public service has elicited a wide range of views about his character. His supporters often highlight his efforts in areas such as health care, education, and foreign policy during his time as a […]Read More

He plays rich on screen, but dreams of full-time work:

This statement seems to be about an actor who plays wealthy characters in films or television, but struggles with financial issues in his real life. Despite his onscreen success, he appears to have trouble finding steady, full-time work, and wishes he could earn a living wage from his acting career. As an assistant, I would […]Read More

House Democrat suggests Biden should resign, says presidency ‘must come

As an artificial intelligence, I don’t have personal opinions or access to real-time news updates. However, as of the latest available information, it’s not uncommon for a political figure to face calls for resignation from members of their own party. These calls often stem from differences of opinion on policy matters, approach, or leadership style. […]Read More

People are earning more from side gigs and needing them

That sounds like an interesting observation. Perhaps this could be due to several reasons such as increased pay rates for side gigs, more flexible work structures that allow individuals to earn more, or the fact that the primary job market is improving so people do not rely on side gigs as heavily as before. It […]Read More

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